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Are there nut free options?

All cookies are made in a kitchen with tree nuts, peanut, soy, milk, eggs, gluten, and everything else you are allergic to. We do have cookies that have no added nuts, but being such a small kitchen we CANNOT guarantee no cross contamination. If you are allergic to anything we do not recommend our cookies. Our Vegan Cookies and Edible Doughs all have nut butter (Cashew) in the batter.

Do I have to pre order to pick up on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

Nope! Come on in, our shelves are stocked every morning we open for walk in pick up.


Is there a minimum amount for delivery or shipping?

YES! Please order at least 5 Cookies or $25 for all local deliveries and 6 cookies for shipping.


Can I add a note?

Yes, please include your note on your order. Messages have been lost in the shuffle when not attached to the order when you order. The option to add a note is on your cart page. If you are typing in your delivery address you have gone one page to far. Back up one page to include your note!


When do you deliver or ship?

Currently we locally deliver in Windsor Essex on Friday from 9am - 2pm. In London Strathroy on Saturdays from 9am-3pm. We ship on the date listed on our shipping schedule that you select. You should receive your cookie 1-5 days after the day we ship.


Why is it 1pm on a Friday and I still don’t have my cookies?

Please be patient. We typically have 3-4 hours worth of deliveries, and we try to navigate a route that makes it the most efficient for our driver. Because we start at 9am on Friday it can take up to 4 hours before we get to your house. 

When I order pick up instore, when will it be ready?

Your order will be ready when we open that day, unless other wise noted or contacted. If you preorder that day while we are open please allow for 30 mins for us to process the order before coming to pick up.


Can we individually wrap each cookie?

If you pre order for delivery every cookie is individually wrapped. If you order pick up sometimes the cookies are so fresh they can not me individually wrapped. Please note on your pick up orders if you would like them to be individually wrapped.


Why aren't you open all day every day?!?!

We are a very small operation still. Hand making every cookie and personally delivering every cookie. We are in the kitchen Monday - Wednesday prepping for deliveries for the weekend. As we continue to expand we hope to expand our hours.


Do you have Dairy Free options?

Yes! All our Vegan options are dairy free. But please keep in mind all our vegan options have nut butter in them.


Do you have gluten free options?

No. We use conventional flour in all our cookies. Please note even if you decide to share a kitchen with some gluten products you should keep gluten flours out of the kitchen completely to guarantee "Gluten free". Airborne gluten can make some people wanting gluten free products very ill.  Conventional flour can settle on clean surfaces, just waiting to gluttonize gluten free product.


Do you have sugar free or low sugar options?

No. This is more feasible than nut free and gluten free and we might one day adventure into that space, but at the moment we do not have the demand to supply this type of baked good. 


Do you ship outside of Windsor Essex, London, Strathroy or St. Thomas?

YES! We currently ship Canada and United States wide.


How many Calories are in your cookies?

If you want to know, you might not want our cookies ;) There is typically 500-600 Calories per cookie.

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