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1093 Drouillard Road

We are now open selling cookies, still waiting on our Liquor Licence. 

Wow... goodbye to an era. This place gave me times of anger, frustration, fear but most of all happiness, gratitude and love. Gave me life long friendships, countless memories, shit even walked out of here to get married and back the very next morning. Can't explain how thankful I am for each and every customer I've had in this place to allow me to grow and continue this crazy journey I started 4 years ago. Cheers to keeping this growth not only in business but my own growth as a person. Can't wait to meet more people and see all my loyal customers in our new spot.


Goodbye 471 Pelissier


New location

On the corner of Richmond and Drouillard. 

The new location will have more seating, more beer, more patio space, more hours open, and most importantly more cookies.


We are doing everything in our power to open as soon as possible.


Please stay tuned and put in your Christmas order. We promise we will be open for your Christmas cookie needs.  


The New Location!

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