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Town Brewery - Big OJ IPA - 473 ML

Town Brewery - Big OJ IPA - 473 ML

SKU: Str. Town - OJ

Here's a fun little beer that we cooked up for y'all. Outside Jokes (better known as OJ around these parts) is one of our go to beers. You all seem to love it, and it makes up a decent amount of the beer we brew. We figured we'd play around with the recipe and make a IPA version for you, aptly named Big OJ. What's the difference you ask? Well, it's bigger... in every aspect. Bigger grain bill, bigger dry hop, bigger body and bigger ABV. Azacca, Sultana and Citra combine to create the classic citrus, mango and slight grassy vibes you depend on in your regular OJ, this beer just hits a little harder with it all.

6.5% Alc./Vol.

Label art by @simone_urbanietz_preiss

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