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Third Moon - Broken Hearts Club Fruited Slushie-style - 473 ML

Third Moon - Broken Hearts Club Fruited Slushie-style - 473 ML

SKU: Third Moon - Broken Hearts Seltzer

Broken Hearts Club w/ Passion Fruit & Guava - Fruited Slushie-style Hard Seltzer - 5%


"Broken Hearts Club" is a collaboration with our friends at Beerlab! in London and is our second slushie-style seltzer. This version contains A LOT of real passion fruit and guava puree in a perfect ratio that allows both fruits to pop. "Slushie-style" means you can expect a little thicker consistency than our original seltzers. The other very important difference is a substantial amount of fruit puree added to these beers that is not allowed to ferment. Because of that, you must keep these consistently cold (in your fridge) or additional fermentation will take place and they can burst. Keep them upside down as well to prevent all that fruit from settling and sticking to the bottom of the can. For extra fun, put in the freezer for an hour (set a timer!) and then drink. However you choose to enjoy it, please drink within a few weeks of purchase.

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